In the clinic, individual patients benefit directly from the knowledge and expertise of their specialist. However, when this knowledge and expertise is spread far and wide through education of others, whole populations of patients stand to benefit. 

With this philosophy in mind, Assoc Prof Jeremy Grummet regularly provides education to: 
> Colleagues through workshops
> Trainees and medical students by clinical supervision and tutorials
> GPs through conferences and educational meetings
> The broader community via local presentations, radio interviews, television appearances and online videos

Educational Activities:

april 2019

Chair and Speaker in EAU Guidelines Rapidfire Session of USANZ ASM 2019, speaking as EAU Prostate Cancer Guidelines Panel Member on recent update recommending high quality MRI prior to any prostate biopsy. See presentation here.

shrunk grummet usanz 2019.jpg

EAU Guidelines 2019 update:

Prostate MRI

now recommended before all biopsies

But the MRI must be read by radiologists known to be expert in reading these scans.


april 2019

Conducted Cambridge Prostate MRI and Biopsy Workshop as part of Annual Focal Therapy Symposium in Kyoto, Japan.

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november 2018 

As Director of Clinical Research, Urology Unit, at Alfred Health, A/Prof Grummet is a site Investigator of the multi-centre Navigate study, assessing the utility of an online decision aid tool for men with newly diagnosed low risk prostate cancer.

Alfred Health patient with a/Prof jeremy grummet and a/prof jeremy millar

Alfred Health patient with a/Prof jeremy grummet and a/prof jeremy millar

october 2017

Invited author in AUA News, the official magazine of the AUA
Transperineal Biopsy: Are We Moving the Needle?


may 2017

Invited speaker at AUA ASM in Boston, USA
Plenary Crossfire debate on pro team with Dr Mark Emberton: Transperineal Biopsy: Are We Moving the Needle?
See full presentation slideshow here



march 2017

Interview on National Nine News discussing the use of MRI in prostate cancer diagnosis to avoid unnecessary and untargeted biopsies


Appearance on Dr Sally Cockburn's 3AW radio program Talking Health discussing the game-changing advances of MRI and PSMA PET scanning in prostate cancer diagnosis


february 2017

Invited speaker at USANZ ASM in Canberra
"Tips and Tricks in Transperineal Biopsy"
Facilitator of panel: Diagnostic Imaging in Prostate Cancer


november 2016

Invited speaker at Malaysian Urology Conference (MUC) in Kuala Lumpur
"Let's make Prostate Biopsy great again!"
Performed live case of Transperineal Biopsy


september 2016

Article on MJA InSight website on how Australian urologists are leading the world in prostate cancer diagnosis and management
"Prostate Cancer: We're Punching Above Our Weight"

august 2016

Invited speaker at Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference in Melbourne
"Transrectal or transperineal prostate biopsy: which would you prefer?"

july 2016

Invited speaker at Urological Association of Asia (UAA) ASM in Singapore
"The role of PSMA PET Imaging in Prostate Cancer"
Panel speaker in Prostate MRI Masterclass

uaa 1st slide 2016.png


november 2015

Convenor of the USANZ Victorian State Meeting in Melbourne. Guest speakers on Leadership and the Psychology of Communication included AFL coach Paul Roos, ABC Radio's Dr Norman Swan, human rights advocate Julian Burnside QC, Emmy-Award winning journalist Sara James, and Conversant's Colin Pidd

paul roos and me.jpg

Moderator of panel at USANZ Victorian State Meeting on the role of prostate MRI and PSMA PET CT scanning in prostate cancer diagnosis

Invited speaker at General Practitioner Convention and Exhibition (GPCE) Melbourne
"The Breakthrough in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis We've All Been Waiting For"


october 2015

Invited speaker at SIU 2015 (35th Congress of the Société Internationale d'Urologie) in Melbourne
"Results from the Victorian Transperineal Prostate Biopsy Collaborative group"
"Serum and Urine Biomarker Assessment"

august 2015

Plenary session invited speaker at the annual Prostate Cancer World Congress in Cairns
"A new standard in prostate cancer diagnosis: The Victorian Transperineal Biopsy Collaboration Experience"

Session chair and speaker at Foundation 49 Men's Health GP Symposium
"The great leap forward in prostate cancer diagnosis - True breakthroughs GPs need to know in 2015"

Invited speaker at Annual Meeting of the Waters Study Day
"New imaging techniques for prostate cancer"

may 2015

Invited speaker at BAUS/BJUI/USANZ session of American Urological Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA
"The Victorian Transperineal Biopsy Collaboration Experience"

Peer-reviewed article in Medicine Today on the dangers of not following up an elevated PSA presumed to be due to prostatitis
"A high PSA level in a man with suspected prostatitis. It's just due to inflammation, right?"

GP quiz on lower urinary tract symptoms and BPH in Australian Doctor magazine
"A Voiding Danger"

april 2015

Prostate Cancer Workshop for health professionals
South Western Melbourne Medicare Local, Wyndham Private Medical Centre, Werribee

february 2015

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Author of Australian Doctor magazine article on the management of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) in older men
"Not just a part of ageing"

december 2014

2nd Cabrini Health Transperineal Biopsy Workshop
Cabrini Hospital, Malvern

November 2014

Invited speaker at General Practitioner Convention and Exhibition (GPCE) Melbourne
"The great leap forward in prostate cancer diagnosis and management"

Interview by Good Health magazine on the latest update on prostate cancer

Click to enlarge image – Dr Jeremy Grummet Good Health magazine November 2014

September 2014

Interview by Natasha Mitchell on ABC Radio National's Life Matters program
As spokesman for men's health group Foundation 49, Dr Grummet discusses lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) for the More Than Once A Night campaign

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Invited speaker at the annual Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference, Melbourne. In a point-counterpoint debate, Dr Grummet argues that the transperineal approach should be the standard of care for prostate biopsy


Interview by Tom Elliot on 3AW's Drive program discussing prostate cancer for the Alfred Hospital's Fathers' Day Appeal

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June 2014

Andrology Australia Men’s Health Forum, Launceston, Tasmania
Invited Speaker at GP Workshop and Plenary Session 
“Changing the Face of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Management” 

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Author of Medical Observer article on the breakthrough of multiparametric MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis
“Glimmer of Hope for Prostate Health”

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May 2014

Youtube instructional video "Transperineal Biopsy Streamlined" uploaded, demonstrating efficient technique of the safe and accurate approach of transperineal biopsy

Annual Lecturer in Applied Anatomy of the Male Urogenital System for the University of Melbourne Postgraduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy

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April 2014

Epworth Healthcare GP Education Session
“2014 Update on Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Management”
Epworth Hospital, Richmond

March 2014

Convenor of Cabrini Health Transperineal Biopsy Workshop
Cabrini Hospital, Malvern

Invited Speaker at USANZ Annual Scientific Meeting, Brisbane
“How ANZUP helped me Develop my Trial” discussing the process from initial concept to application for government funding for a large multi-centre randomised control trial

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Interview with US online medical publication Renal & Urology News on transperineal biopsy
"Sidestepping Sepsis via TP Biopsy: Interview with Jeremy Grummet, MBBS"

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February 2014

Blog author on Nick Brook Urology Adelaide website on the advantages of Transperineal Biopsy “A Safer way to Biopsy the Prostate”

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Australian Urology Associates (AUA) GP Education Session, Melbourne
“Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Haematuria”

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January 2014

Invited speaker at annual 7th International Hokkaido Trauma Conference, Japan
“Kidney, Heal Thyself! – Non-Surgical Management of Renal Trauma”

November 2013

Panelist on Rural Health Education Foundation TV program hosted by Dr Norman Swan telecast on NITV and Rural Health Channel
“Prostate Health: Taking it Seriously”



Featured urological surgeon in TV episode of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under


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Author of Medical Observer article 
“Managing Voiding Issues”

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October 2013

Invited speaker at General Practitioner Convention and Exhibition (GPCE) Melbourne
“Smart PSA Testing, Prostate Biopsy and Active Surveillance”

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Interview on ABC Gippsland Radio advertising Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) Roadshow community health presentation

September 2013

Interview by Fairfax Media on risk of sepsis with transrectal biopsy
“Prostate Biopsy blamed for preventable Superbug Deaths”

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August 2013

Convenor of Epworth Healthcare Transperineal Biopsy Workshop
Epworth Hospital, Richmond

Invited speaker for the Transperineal Biopsy Trainee Masterclass
Prostate Cancer World Congress, Melbourne

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Comment in Medical Observer article on PSA testing controversy

“Experts clash over PSA Consensus Statement”

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Author of Medical Observer article 

“The Pendulum Swing of PSA Testing”

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July 2013

Interview by Vision Australia radio on benign prostatic enlargement and its treatment

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Past Educational Activities: